Are you a soulful entrepreneur who is feeling like you could use a little more joy, clarity, and direction in your business?

As entrepreneurs, our businesses are extensions of who we are. What we create and put out into the world is strongly affected by our internal environment. If we lack clear intentions for how we want our business and life to operate, then a lack of flow and an abundance of confusion will ensue. The dynamics are much different for those who work for a corporation.

Every time we can get clarity on how we want our businesses and lives to operate, the more information we have to actually bring about these shifts. Sometimes the shifts are internal; based upon habits or beliefs. Other times, the shifts are external; based on clearing out what we no longer need or designing a beautiful work space where we can focus, dream, and create every day. Both the internal and external shifts we make are the steps we can take along our entrepreneurs' journey towards creating a business that feeds our sense of purpose and joy in the world.

Sometimes it's hard to get this kind of clarity on our own but always you are the one who holds the answers you seek. It's the process of Sensing Self. I am here to be your guide; to help you look within to gain clarity on how you want your life and business to feel and operate. And then, with my knack for organization and interior design, together we will identify habits that support you in having the experience you want in your business and we will create a beautiful space that energetically resonates with these intentions.

By working with me, clients have gone from confusion, overwhelm, and a feeling of being stuck in their business to feelings of clarity, joy, and purposeful direction. Let's make the same happen for you!

Below is an example of how we can work together. Please contact me for a personalized quote.


Phase 1: Consultation & Design Plan

  • 90 minute, in-office consultation so that we can get clarity on how you want your business to function and feel
  • Organizational checklist so that you know exactly what to do to get your space ready for the design implementation
  • Weekly emails so that we can pin point your design style and vision for the space
  • Design plan with a range of optional budgets so that we can decide exactly how to implement the transformation of your workspace in a way that matches your budget

Price: starting at $500


Phase 2: Implementation

  • Personal shopping so that your life can keep moving right along while I take care of all of the work
  • Weekly emails to keep you up-to-date on progress and get your input on final selections
  • Two hour, in-office implementation so that we can be sure all items are arranged and installed with attention to the overall design aesthetic

Price: starting at $500


Optional Add-Ons:

  • Two hours of one-on-one organization help so that you can stay on task and easily navigate potential emotional triggers that keep you stuck in clutter and chaos - $99
  • Furniture repurposing so that you can use what you already have to achieve your dream piece without having to break the bank – price quote will be provided per project
  • Room painting so that for a minimal investment you can achieve one of the greatest possible transformations to the look and feel of your office – price quote will be provided per project
  • Customized art so that you can have inspiring art in your office without having to break the bank – price quote will be provided per project