Ready to move onto the next phase of your life but stuck in the arduous task of selling your home? I can help with that.

Did you know that buyers will tour your home in an average of five minutes and form an opinion within the first few seconds? Did you know that staged properties sell, on average, in half the time of a non-staged home?

This is why you need someone with a knack for organizing, a keen eye for design, and a neutral, level-headed approach to getting your house sold quickly and at top dollar. With compassion, I can help you navigate the stresses of getting your home ready to sell and provide you with clear, actionable advice to swiftly move the process along.

Here are the specific ways in which we can work together:


Simple Consultation

  • 90 minute walk-through of your home to show you how your home can appeal to buyers
  • Clear-cut plan of action on what to keep and what to remove so you can expedite your move and not distract buyers with your stuff
  • Input on how to optimize what you already have to enhance buyer appeal
  • Recommendations on minor updates so that buyers will fall in love with your home

Price: $150


In-Depth Consultation

  • Two-hour, in-home consultation so that I can fully understand your situation and become clear on how to best transform your home
  • Personalized, organizational check list so that you know exactly what needs to be removed from or organized in your home
  • Design check list so that you know exactly what needs to be added or updated for the biggest visual impact
  • Furniture layout plan so that you know exactly how to arrange furniture to make each room look as spacious as possible
  • Color recommendations so that you know how to paint each room to make it as appealing to buyers as possible

Price: starting at $500 (varies based on size of home)



  • Hands-on decluttering so that you are not left alone to the overwhelming task of deciding what to keep and what to throw out
  • Hands-on organizing so that systems can be put in place to keep your home organized and clean during the selling process
  • Personal shopping so that personal touches and updates can be made to your home that will appeal to buyers
  • Light handy-man services so that your home can be in working order and looking up-to-date

Price: will vary based upon scope of project and needs



  • Occupied Staging: three hour walk through of your house to arrange furniture and accessories, hang pictures, build and/or install furniture, and make note of last minutes to-dos
  • Vacant Staging: addition of furniture for selected rooms to provide warmth to your home and help buyers envision a happy future in your space.

Price: will vary based upon scope of project and needs