What You Must Do Before Designing Your Home

As a person who can spend hours at a time thinking about, looking at, and creating interior designs, I understand well that there is a whole world out there filled with endless design possibilities. And so much of what I see, I love! Perhaps like me you might find yourself daydreaming about a modern, blue couch, and then trolling around on-line for a Kilim rug, and then pondering if it’s time to go more minimalistic or overstuffed-romantic in your home. You too might be attracted to a variety of design styles.

But the thing is, as much as we may love a variety of styles, there are only a few styles that will be an ideal, energetic match for who we are today and where we want to go. This internal set point changes of course throughout our lives but if we want our homes to help us evolve, it’s important to pay attention. To do this, let’s see where we can start.

First, I want you to get comfortable and close your eyes. We’re going to do a little visualization exercise because when we let go of expectations and allow our minds to relax, a whole lot of interesting and useful information can rise to the surface.

As you take a deep breath with your eyes closed, let your body and mind let go of the day. Allow yourself to have a break and relax in this moment. Take another deep inhale and exhale and then imagine yourself walking through a door and into a room that puts you at ease. What is it about this room that makes you feel good? What colors and textures do you notice around you? Is there furniture? If so, what kind of style is the furniture? Are there any sounds or smells that you notice? Allow yourself to spend a few more moments just soaking up the feeling of this room. Let that feeling work its way into your body and take a few more deep inhales and exhales as you luxuriate in this feeling. Do this short exercise before you read any further.

Now, with your eyes open, turn to a computer screen or piece of paper and write down a few adjectives that describe how you felt in this room. And once you have done that, if there are any style specifics about the room that you remember, write that down too. Maybe the room had a lot of natural light, smelled like vanilla, was all white or a deep shade of crimson, maybe a certain kind of music was playing, or maybe this room was dedicated to a certain kind of activity.

As you read over these descriptions about how you felt and what you noticed, you should know that these qualities are actually the kinds of qualities that speak to your internal point of equilibrium. Everyone’s set point, in terms of what puts them at ease is different but the qualities you uncovered are what are specific to you. You might have even visualized yourself at a rock concert or sitting by yourself in a quiet place in nature. What you visualized is your mind’s creative way of telling you a bit about yourself.

Because the design of our home is a great way to help us along the path of finding peace, clarity, and joy in our lives, this is why we need to know how we want to feel. If we are not at ease in our environment, we are much less likely to find the permission to be ourselves and make decisions that are in alignment with who we really are. We may be inspired by photos of dramatic black and white rooms but if we change our decor to all black and white and don’t feel comfortable in our space, then we have done ourselves a disservice. Like me, there are probably a multitude of styles that you enjoy looking at. But, even more likely, there is a smaller range of styles that actually sink up well with you on an energetic level.

To learn how to take this information to uncover your design style and start transforming your life, download my free e-book, Designing by Intuition. After reading the book and doing the exercises, you should have a clear sense of your style and a plan to begin making changes to your home and subsequently your life.