Mapping the Bagua of Your Home

Overlaying the Bauga Map with the layout of your home is a very interesting exercise and one that I encourage you to do. Even if you don’t end up making any adjustments to your living space, the awareness you may get out of this could be astounding. For instance, maybe you end up realizing that your wealth and prosperity space is in your garage, where you have piled up so much forgotten junk over the years that you don’t even bother to go in there anymore. Are your finances in disarray and frightening for you to look at? I’m pretty sure you will end up finding a correlation or two between your life and the state of your home.

Because our outer world tends to reflect our inner world, it’s fascinating to see all of the correlations when you take a moment to really look at things. Mindfulness is powerful! So, as I said in my last post, the Bagua Map can be mapped to any space; your home, your bedroom, your office, or even your desk. To map your space, first draw out the dimensions of your space and then overlay the Bagua Map with your space ensuring that the lower quadrants of the map line up with your front door, the entrance to your office, the front of your desk (the side at which you sit), etc. If your home has more than one story, simply overlay the Bagua Map in the same direction to your upper or lower floors as you have done for your primary floor (the floor in which your front door resides).

While the Bagua Map is square, your space may not be and that is okay. For example, my home is rectangular and some of the Bagua map lies outside of my home. In Feng Shui, it is recommended to define and enhance that missing area in some way. If you own the missing space outside of your home (say the missing space lies in your front yard) you can define the space by adding a lamp post, water feature, plant, sculpture, fence, or anything that for you helps to symbolically define the space. Some people have even chosen to bury a natural quartz crystal (pointed part facing up) an inch or two below the ground with the intention of energizing and lifting the energy up in that quadrant of their Bagua Map.

As for me, I live on the second floor of a condo. While I’m not sure what I can do with the space outside my window that is a part of my Bagua Map, I’m choosing to believe that whatever intention I set about enhancing this “missing” area will suffice to energetically enhance that space. For example, I’m thinking I might put a crystal on my windowsill and have that symbolically represent the inclusion of this “missing” space.

As an example, below is a map of my home and overlaid on it is the Bagua Map. Here is where the interesting part begins. Part of my wealth and prosperity area exists on my deck. Currently, my deck is neglected, not messy but neglected. I have a lot of empty pots, some dirt, and gardening tools waiting to be used on my deck. They are all neatly organized on a piece of outdoor furniture but they are not in use. There is potential but currently no growth. In Colorado (where I live) people advise to not start planting until after Mother’s Day since the snow is so unpredictable around here. Thank goodness this Sunday is Mother’s Day as I think it is time to start enhancing this area of my life.

Bagua Mapping
Bagua Mapping

Another interesting thing I notice when I first mapped my home is that my bedroom was in my helpful people and travel area while my love and marriage area was a catchall for outdoor gear and the cat’s litter box. Below is a picture of the state of that room before I began to clean things up. If our outer world is a reflection of our inner world then it definitely doesn’t look like this space belongs to someone with a happy and flourishing romantic relationship, which sadly is true… Oops! :)

Since mapping my home though, I have switched my bedroom into the guest bedroom and have moved my office and guest room into the master bedroom. When my bed was in the master bedroom, so was my desk, computer, printer, work files, etc. This room is also close to the condo’s front door where the inhabitants of three other units are also constantly coming and going. No wonder I woke up each morning never feeling quite rested. This space, the helpful people and travel area, is meant for movement, new ideas and new opportunities. Since I have moved my bedroom into the smaller room, which is tucked into a quieter part of the house, I have begun to sleep much more soundly. And because the room is small, it only contains my bed, a closet, and a dresser, which is all that is really needed anyhow.

So, are you ready to start mapping your home? If you do, I bet you will find it to be a fun and insightful process. You do not have to tackle making changes to all areas of your home but perhaps there are one or two areas you will feel inclined to modify once you have seen how the state of your life is a direct correlation to the state of your home. If you have any questions on how to do this or would like some help on coming up with ideas on how to modify the energy in certain areas of your home, feel free to comment below.

Happy mapping!