Two Important Steps to Help You Access Your Intuition

Truth: on some level, we always know what we need. Sometimes, I get concerned that I am a little too dense to be able to hear my intuition. And then other times, I am surprise by what I know. Recently, after returning home from a two-week road trip, I began to become aware of a lot of subtle nudges about what my body and psyche needed. This felt like intuition….kind of…but it was so subtle that I thought perhaps these nudges were more just emotional desires than wisdom from my higher self.

However, within the next few days, the information I got on an intuitive level was being confirmed thorough books and articles that were coming into my life. Literature has a way of being a main message carrier for me. Perhaps for you you receive confirmation through music lyrics, conversations you overhear, or dreams that leave you dumbfounded in the morning. The synchronicities are everywhere if you are willing to have an open mind and look. For me, the words that were coming into my life were the proof I needed to know that what I have been feeling was in fact my intuition.

The messages carried by our intuition can often be so subtle that we doubt what we are sensing. Maybe that’s just gas? Am I making this up? It’s so easy to dismiss the information we receive from our higher selves. There are two important steps we can take though to strengthen our intuition.


Listen and act. The more we take our intuition seriously, act upon it, and reap the benefits from this divine guidance, the more audible our intuition will become. Like any muscle, our connection to our intuition can be strengthened.


Remove what you can from your life that doesn’t add to your clarity. Naturally, there is a LOT that we could remove from our lives to help us gain clarity. Diet can be improved, toxic friendships can be removed, resentment could be released, forgiveness could be given, compassion could be bestowed.. upon ourselves, more sleep could be added, gentle exercise could be introduced, a regular centering, meditation practice could be adopted. There is much that we can do to remove the debris of confusion that is constantly swirling around in our lives.

Because insights from our intuition can be so subtle, clearing some of this debris will increase our chances of making contact with this wisdom. And if anything, there will be less guessing for us to do – do I feel this way because I’m tired? Maybe it’s because I’m stressed over the disparaging remarks my “friend” made yesterday, etc. You get the idea.

There are going to be a lot of times in our lives where we are unsure of what to do, unsure of which direction to take, or how to add quality to our lives. Luckily, we are never without our intuition to help guide us through any situation in life. Whether or not we are capable of hearing this wisdom though is another matter. Therefore, if you want access to your inner GPS system, it’s time to start listening and cleaning up your life.

Take a moment to get calm and quite. Then, from a centered place, asking yourself: “What are a few things I could do to add clarity to my life?” I’m willing to bet that you will find at least a few good points that rise to the surface of your consciousness. The truth is you already know what you need. The next step though, is learning how to listen.